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Exciting Marketing News From Todd Miller, MSW, LSW...Executive Director

I’m pleased to announce the coming of a new website in September with an effort to upgrade our profile and make the navigation even more seamless and appealing to our customers. In addition, over the past couple of months there has been a strong effort to both market and inform the public about Golden Cradle’s brand, but more importantly to educate people that adoption is still a viable choice. As the Executive Director of Golden Cradle, my eye is on two very important concepts. First, we strive to be as knowledgeable on the manifold levels of adoption from the unique perspective of the birth mother to the ability to relate to the multitude of emotions regarding our waiting families. Secondly, and more significantly, we aim to be customer friendly, approachable, and sincere in connecting with our clients, families, referring agents and others related to their interest in the adoption field. On behalf of Golden Cradle, I warmly welcome you to our agency that is filled with good people who are waiting to help answer your questions and create hopeful solutions.



Managing Stressful Situations" by Marci DeCosmo, MSW...Adoption Specialist

Prior to bringing home your adopted child, it’s good to put some strategies into place. These strategies can help empower your family’s ability to cope with a stressful situation, and can help alleviate anxiety created by an adoption. Finding a reputable, effective family therapist who has experience with international adoptions is a great way to prepare your family for the changes it will experience. Once the child is home, the therapist can work with you to become comfortable with the feelings surrounding your new family dynamic. A number of people idealize international adoptions and may feel a sense of failure if the adoption isn’t fitting into their expectations. This is a crucial point of which to be cognizant. A family therapist can help to create a realistic picture while validating your experience, and can build coping strategies that enable you and your family to decrease the stress and anxiety. You may also ask the therapist to refer you to a support group or network of other families experiencing a similar situation. Any time you can prepare yourself and your family to better cope with life, you are affirming love for yourself and love for your family.





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