International Adoption

Children Coming Into the United States (Incoming Cases)

We work closely with other agencies who act as the Adoption Service Provider (ASP).  We have special provider ageements with Children Home Society and Family Services of Minnesota (CHSFS).  Children are avilable and most are over 2 years of age and may have minor to moderate physical and emotional disabilities. 

International adoption starts off with adoption education and a home study, as with domestic adoption.  After this phase, those seeking adoption overseas prepare a dossier, a collection of papers; specific for the requirements of the country in which the adoption will take place.  All of these documents are notarized, great sealed or apostilled and certified. The dossier is then sent to the country where it is translated and presented to the departments and agencies involved with the adoption.  We are Hague Accredited by COA and do homestudies that meet Hague standards.

When matched with a child you will usually receive medical information, a photo, and, sometimes a video.  You should share this information with medical experts to maximize your understanding about the child.  Children adopted from other countries usually live in orphanages or in foster families from birth until they are placed with their adoptive family.  Because of this they can have developmental delays at the time of the adoption

After you accept the match you travel to the country to see your child.  Some countries or regions require two trips rather than one.  The adoption is most often finalized in the country before you return to the United States with your child.  If you see your child before finalization in the country, the child becomes a United States citizen when he/she arrives in the United States.

International adoption can be very volitile and conditions change quickly.  Stay up to date on such matters by regularly consulting Joint Council On International Children's Services or the United States Department of State.

Adoption Service Provider for Hague Independent Adoptions                  

If you have identified a child in another country and wish to adopt that child we may be able to help you. If the child's home country is part of the Hague Convention then a Hague Accredited Adoption Service Provider in the United States(ASP) must be involved in the adoption of that child. Please call or email us for more details about this type of adoption.

Children Going to Another Country (Outgoing Cases)

Golden Cradle Adoption Services is COA Accredited to place children with families who are residents or citizens of countries other then the United States. We work closely with the Central authorities of both the United States and the recieving country.  This type of adoption must be carefully coordinated with all the regulatory bodies that are involved (the State of New Jersey and both countries).  Please contact us for detailed information about how to adopt.  You can see our fees for these services at adoption cost.

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