Questions - Answers

Does Golden Cradle Provide After Adoption Services?

After adoption services are available for all members of the adoption triad: placing parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. We are here to facillitate the exchange of information such as letters and photographs for as long as the parties desire. Sometimes families ask for meetings and we are glad to help arrange those as well.  Adoption is a life long event, not a one time occurance, so we will be here for you as time moves on. more »

Open Adoption, Closed Adoption, What Is the Difference?

At Golden Cradle® the adopting family and the placing family can choose the amount of continuing exchange of information and/or contact they are comfortable with.  This can range from only sharing information with Golden Cradle® for the first year after placement, to an open adoption with the adoptive parents and placing parents freely exchanging information and visits as they see fit. more »

How Can I Place My Child for Adoption?

If you decide to place your baby (sometimes called "giving baby up for adoption"), know that with Golden Cradle®, you can have a say in the adoptive family for your baby, if you want. Our goal is your goal: what is best for you and your child. With Golden Cradle®’s trained counselors right there, working hand in hand with you, you can have as much say as you want in choosing the right family for your baby. more »

Can I Pick the Family For My Baby?

Yes.  You can choose the family from the profiles they create.  You can see profiles of our families who are both without a child or who already have a child. Your desires and preferences are very important to us as we want you to feel that you are making a good and sound decision for your child.  If you want, you can meet the family you choose.

Can I Have An Open Adoption

You may choose the amount of openness you want.  We will show you profiles of families that are looking for the same amount of contact.  Most of the adoptive families are open to sending pictures and letters to you through Golden Cradle®. 

Do you have families for African American babies?

Yes.  We have families of all races that would like to adopt an African American or biracial child.

Do I Have to Pay to Place My Baby?

No.  All services are at no cost to you.

Do you help with expenses?

We can help with reasonable pregnancy related expenses, such as rental assistance, food, and maternity clothing.  We can help during the last trimester of your pregnancy. 

Does the Father Have To Be Involved?

It is also important for you to know that the father's rights are equal to yours. We like to have the baby’s father involved in the adoption plan as much as possible. However, we do understand that sometimes this is not possible. The law takes this into consideration. Our goal is to help you understand the laws and your rights.


What Services Do You Provide to Placing Families?

We can provide counseling, reasonable living and pregnancy related expenses, transportation, legal services, and after adoption services.  If you do not have medical insurance, we can help you apply for Medicaid.  We can even suggest a doctor or clinic in your area for prenatal care.


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