Finding Birth Parents & Adopted Children

finding birth parents

Finding Birth Parents and finding the child you placed with Golden Cradle are just some of the services we can provide after the adoption.  There is a dedicated staff member on our staff that provides "After Adoption Services".

Golden Cradle® is also here for the adult adoptee if he/she wants more information about his or her medical background if your adooption was facilitated by Golden Cradle Adoption.  We will also, with everyone's permission and agreement, help with search and reunion provided that Golden Cradle helped in facilitating your adoption.

Opening up a closed adoption is also possible, if your adoption was facilitated by Golden Cradle Adoption.

These services are available to all members of the adoption triad who was assisted by our program: parents who have placed a child, adoptive parents and adoptees. 

We are very aware of the need to protect everyone's information so we always ask for proof of the identity of the person who asks for any information.

Seminars and support groups are scheduled with topics ranging from trans-racial and trans-cultural issues for families, talking to your child about adoption, and child development. 

After adoption services can enrich your life.

It is very easy to contact us:

Email or phone us at 856-428-1180.


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