Finding Your Adopted Child

How Golden Cradle Helps the Process of Finding the Child You Placed

Parents who have placed their child for adoption with Golden Cradle Adoption may want to open up communication, obtain an update on the child, share genetic or medical inforation for the record or even find out about how to have a reunion with the child.  For many people this is an emotion filled experience and we will work with you to make it as comforting and fulfilling as possible.

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A Birth Mother's Reunion Story

The day I met my birth daughter – I didn’t think this day would ever happen.  I am so excited, nervous, happy, scared, you name the emotion and I’m feeling it!  What did I do to deserve the best day ever after giving my child up for adoption 25 years ago? I hoped and prayed she was healthy and happy almost every day and my prayers were answered.  I got a letter from Golden Cradle saying she wanted to get to know me.  Just knowing she was alive, healthy, and happy was enough but it got even better.  My birth daughter decided it was time to meet her birth mother and that was me!

We started out slowly getting to know each other through letters and cards.  We learned the things we have in common or have inherited, characteristics we both share.  I learned her likes and dislikes and she learned mine.  I learned she sucked her thumb and she learned I did too.  We compared life experiences – happy times and sad times.  We wrote, and wrote, and wrote.  We exchanged pictures of each other and our families. After a year of writing letters it was time - my birth daughter was ready to meet me!  We decided Golden Cradle would be the best place to meet and we would bring our Mom’s with us – this made us more comfortable and it gave our Mom’s a chance to share in this special day with us. 

The meeting day has arrived and it is everything I could dream of – I got to hug the daughter I gave birth to again.  To hug her was the best feeling in the world and to receive that hug back was even better!   We cried, we hugged, we talked, and then we shared picture albums and stories.  We took pictures together of her and I and also pictures with our Mom’s.  We now have a beautiful memory of a beautiful day.  We continue to write letters and emails and are still learning about each other.  We plan to meet for lunch just the two of us and eventually meet each others families.  We want to take things slow, not rush into anything, and just become friends with special places in our hearts for each other.  We will never be mother and daughter because she already has a wonderful Mom but getting to be friends is more than I could have ever hoped for and I will always cherish each day of this gift that I have received.

Questions about finding the child you placed for adoption?

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