How Do Children In Same-Sex Adoption Fare?

same sex adoption

Golden Cradle® relies on numerous studies that have shown that children with same-sex parents and children in same-sex adoption fare as well as those children with heterosexual parents.

Outcomes of multiple same sex studies with 500 same-sex parents:

An analysis of fifteen studies involving 500 same-sex parents by Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston concluded that children from same-sex parents do just as well as children from heterosexual couples.  All of these studies very consistently showed that factors such as self-esteem, relationship with peers, intelligence, behavior, and gender identity were the same whether children were raised by heterosexual couples or by same-sex couples. 

One study followed children raised by same-sex parents for 11 years as they became adults. The conclusion was still the same: that these adults fared just as well as adults that had been raised by heterosexual parents. Factors analyzed were: sexual orientation identification, self-esteem, relationships with family, the ability to adjust, and underlying psychological issues.

Furthermore, it has been found that the sexual orientation of the parents does not determine what type of parental abilities the parents have. For example, in a study with lesbian couples, it was found that parental abilities and styles were the same between same-sex parents and heterosexual parents  - other than the fact that the lesbian couples were more inclined to share household duties and do child rearing on a more equal basis.

Same-sex adoption study outcome:

One University of Virginia and George Washington University same-sex adoption study came to the same conclusions.

This study researched preschool-aged children who had been adopted as babies in heterosexual adoptions and same-sex adoptions, including both lesbian and gay adoptive parents. It went beyond earlier studies by researching outside evaluations of teachers and caregivers, as well as reports by the parents.

As with other studies, this study found that the children from same-sex adoptions were as well-adjusted as those from heterosexual adoptions. 

This study also researched gender identification of the children to examine how children raised with same-sex parents identified with gender-related behavior. Overall, children start exhibiting gender behavior during the preschool years, with girls wanting to play with toys like dolls, and boys wanting toys like trucks and cars. This study found that all the children showed similar gender behavior as their same-aged peers, whether they were raised by same-sex parents or by heterosexual parents. 

The study did find that, as with any family, the outcomes of the children hinged on: parenting abilities overall; the stresses in the family; and the satisfaction of the parents' relationship. And, the study found that heterosexual and same-sex adoptive parents exhibited these success factors equally.

Golden Cradle®'s goal is successful adoptions

Bottom line, the most important characteristics of good adoptive parents are if they can adjust to adoption, if they can handle parental stress, and if they have good parenting skills. That is why we at Golden Cradle® put an emphasis on ensuring that all our adoptive parents have gone through a thorough educational program, and have been screened for any criminal or child abuse background. 

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