Adoption Questions

Can a Single Man or Woman Adopt?

Yes.  Marital status is not a determinent of a person being able to adopt a child.  However, New Jersey law requires both parties of a married couple to partcipate in an adoption.


Does Golden Cradle Work With Same Sex Families?

Yes, Golden Cradle Adoption Services adheres to the laws of New Jersey and does not discriminate based on sexual orientation.  We are committed to providing services to all people.  For persons who want to learn more about a child's experience being raised by same sex parents we rely on the current research that show children raised by same sex parents fare as well as those raised by heterosexual parents.

For more information about research click here.


What If I Am Interested In Catholic Adoption (or Protestant or Jewish Adoption)?

If a placing family prefers to place the chilld with a family of a specific religion (or other specific characteristics)  we will present them with those families that meet their preferences.  We call these characteristics "matching criteria" and both the adopting and placing families are matched with similar preferences.

How Long Does It Take to Adopt a Child?

The numerical average time to placement is 3 years after the home study is completed and approved.  However averege numbers do not tell the real story. Your actual time is highly dependent on many factors including your flexibility and requirements of the placing family. Your specific waiting time can be greater or shorter then the average time. more »

Adoption in NJ - Is It Better In NJ?

There a number of benefits for placing and adopting families to do their adoption in NJ (New Jersey) and you do not have to live in New Jersey to adopt or place here. more »

What is a Home Study For Adoption?

Home Study for Adoption: the first step.  A home study has multiple purposes (educational and regulatory) and is a state requirement before a child can be placed with you.  It is also required in relative adoption within New Jersey and sometimes called Adoption Complaint Investigation or ACI. more »

Does Golden Cradle Provide After Adoption Services?

After adoption services are available for all members of the adoption triad: placing parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. We are here to facillitate the exchange of information such as letters and photographs for as long as the parties desire. Sometimes families ask for meetings and we are glad to help arrange those as well.  Adoption is a life long event, not a one time occurance, so we will be here for you as time moves on. more »

Open Adoption, Closed Adoption, What Is the Difference?

At Golden Cradle® the adopting family and the placing family can choose the amount of continuing exchange of information and/or contact they are comfortable with.  This can range from only sharing information with Golden Cradle® for the first year after placement, to an open adoption with the adoptive parents and placing parents freely exchanging information and visits as they see fit. more »

How Can I Place My Child for Adoption?

If you decide to place your baby (sometimes called "giving baby up for adoption"), know that with Golden Cradle®, you can have a say in the adoptive family for your baby, if you want. Our goal is your goal: what is best for you and your child. With Golden Cradle®’s trained counselors right there, working hand in hand with you, you can have as much say as you want in choosing the right family for your baby. more »

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