The Staff

Abby, MSW, Adoption Social Worker

Abby works in our Adoptive Family Department.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Social Work both from Kean University. Abby has many years of experience working with children and families. You can reach her at

Denise Koetas-Dale, BSW, CSW, Post-Adoption Specialist

Denise comes to Golden Cradle with extensive experience in the adoption world. Denise works in our Post-Adoption Department. Denise received her Bachelor's in Social Work from Rutger's University. You can reach her at

Kathy A. Hawk, Director of Finance

Kathy came to us with over 15 years office administration experience, ranging from office manager to bookkeeper. Kathy is the Director of Finance at Golden Cradle. She has been employed at Golden Cradle® since 1995. She can be emailed at:

Marci DeCosmo, MSW, Adoption Specialist

Marci is the Adoption Specialist at Golden Cradle. Marci came to Golden Cradle with extensive Social Work Experience. Marci works in the Home Study Department doing primarily International Hague Home Studies. Marci received her Master's Degree from Temple University. You can reach Marci at

Myra Ortega, MPh - Birthparent Worker

Myra joined the staff in August of 2016. Myra recevied her MPh from the University of the Rockies. Myra works with our birthparent population. You can reach Myra at

Todd Miller, MSW, LSW, Executive Director

Todd Miller is the Executive Director at Golden Cradle Adoption Services. He has an extensive background working in the Social Work field and is a great asset to Golden Cradle. Todd received is Master's Degree from The University of Pennsylvania. You can reach him at

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