What is a Home Study For Adoption?

Home Study for Adoption: the first step.  A home study has multiple purposes (educational and regulatory) and is a state requirement before a child can be placed with you.  It is also required in relative adoption within New Jersey and sometimes called Adoption Complaint Investigation or ACI.

Home Study For Adoption - NJ (New Jersey) and Other States

The Home Study for Adoption, required for Domestic and International adoptions and by all states, enables you to take a look at your readiness to parent, prepares you for parenting, and ensures you are meeting your state’s requirements. Golden Cradle can do your Home Study in NJ and can help you find a home study agency in other states. In the Home Study NJ, you will:

1) meet with the Golden Cradle® professionals for 3 or 4 sessions, and

2) prepare required paperwork and reports. If you are planning an international adoption, you will also need to create a dossier as required by the placing agency.

The Home Study For Adoption: Interviews

You can expect to have several interviews (about 3 or 4)  with the Golden Cradle® professionals. If you are a couple, there will be at least one joint interview and there will be individual interviews with each partner. These interviews help you to develop a relationship with the Golden Cradle® professionals while enabling the Golden Cradle® professionals to help you determine what type of child best fits your needs.  The final section of the Home Study for Adoption contains the recommendation to adopt and contains details of the characteristics of the kind of child you would like to adopt. 

The Home Study For Adoption: Paperwork and Reports

Paperwork and reports are needed for the adoption process. You can be assured that Golden Cradle® will be there, helping you find, collect and process these documents. The necessary documents are:

  • Autobiography for each person adopting
  • Medical Reports 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Five reference letters (2 Personal, 1 Neighbor, and 1 Employer per employed person) 
  • Criminal History Clearances (fingerprinting - State and FBI) 
  • Child Abuse Registry Information forms for New Jersey 
  • Child Abuse History Record Checks for state(s) and country(s) of residence.

Home Study For Adoption: International Programs

Those seeking adoptions overseas will need to have a Home Study for Adoption, plus you will need to prepare a dossier which is a collection of paperwork specific to the requirements of the country in which the adoption will take place. The home study for adoption and dossier must satisfy requirements for New Jersey, the child's country of origin, and the United States CItizens and Immigration Service (USCIS). For more information about an international home study for adoption.

If you are adopting from a Hague Convention country, you will need to go through the above steps, plus the Home Study must contain specific information that indicates that Hague requirements have been met. Golden Cradle®, a Hague Accredited adoption service provider, can work with you for your Hague compliant Home Study for adoption. 

Golden Cradle® is unique, as we are one of the few adoption agencies that specialize in Hague adoptions. We excel in meeting the Hague requirements in our Home Studies. Trust Golden Cradle®’s experience to lead and guide you through the preparation of your home study. Go to International Adoption for more information.

If you live in a state other then NJ (New Jersey) our staff will help you find an agency that can do your home study.

For more information or to arrange to have one, Contact us.


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